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Cat Care & Sitting

OK we know how cats are independent they don’t have to be walked but they do need lots of love and attention, we realize this and so the service we offer gives your cat lots of this.

Home visit for cat’s service is a perfect alternative to cattery boarding, or imposing on friends and neighbours. Cats in particular are known to be the least stressed in their own surroundings and do much better by staying in the place they know best. Our service allows your cat to remain the security and comfort of their own home.

With this service we make sure the cat has as much food and water they need (working to your personal instructions), administer medication, clean litter trays and bowls, we will also sit with them to give them precious strokes and cuddles they adore. This visit lasts up to 30 minutes but can be extended by arrangement we recommend a minimum two visits per day

In addition to the above we can bring in your mail, take rubbish out, open and close curtains, water plants and turn lights on and off as required so that your house looks like you are still at home which provides extra security.

We can as an additional service offer food shopping for your arrival home.

Cat Sitting Service